Bearded Fishermen Community Radio

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Meet your hosts!

You can get to know a little more about your favourite host on this page!


Neil comes to us from Eternal Goth store in Gainsborough, Playing his rock show after 9pm on Wednesday and Sunday. He knows his music very well and is gaining a great following


Ailsa comes from our call centre and is one of our new hosts, trying her hand at a bit of chat and music.


Gary joined on the 23rd March 2021. He loves to listen to Motown and Rock, He will be co-hosting very soon! Gary likes to go camping with is wife.


Dave joined our team on the 4th Aril 2021, he has previous experience with the radio industry having worked in radio including hospital radio. He is a fan of the 60s through to the 00s. With a calm and caring voice, you will soon be settled in whilst listening to his shows!


Debbie joined us to co-host some shows with Dave, some say she is the better half of the duo but listen to the shows and make your own mind up.


Alistair joined us recently and is hosting a great 90s mixed show on a Sunday. previously hosting shows on other stations he has now joined us to add his own touch to the station.


With a go getting attitude and passion for pur charity, Kerry is not only a radio host, she is also a promoter. Check out her Friday shows from 12pm


Mick is the charities co-founder and he really enjoys his rock music. Mick will be occasionally be co-hosting with Gary. Without fail, Mick enjoys his hobby of fishing every Friday.


Rick is the charities co-founder with Mick and co-hosts our new Wednesday morning chat show, bringing in guests from all over to share what they do. Can be a risqué sometimes.


Lynne is more at home behind the wheel of 40 tonnes of truck, but loves to listen to music and joined us to give us some culture and some great sounds.


Shaun is new to the station and brings his own twist on a friday night, doing live mix ising the DJ decks and playing a great range of music! Shaun does his shows fortnightly on a Friday


Jamie is a new host getting ready to start his shows on a Saturday afternoon. lets see what happens?


Jamie is a new host getting ready to start his shows on a saturday afternoon. lets see what happens?


Giving us a bit of comedy and culture from an sometimes Irish perspective.


Lucia is a new host.


Nuala is a new host.


Damia is a new host.


John is a new host.