April 10, 2021

Bearded Fishermen Radio

Playing the hits from all decades!

Meet your hosts!

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You can get to know a little more about your favourite host on this page!


Steve was our very first host, has has become a mentor for the new volunteers hosts. He has shown them how to use the equipment and encourage the new host with show content.

He is into retro computer gaming and has many vintage and retro consoles.


Sarah started with the charity on the 20th March 2021, she really enjoys the 90s Dance music.


Gary joined on the 23rd March 2021. He loves to listen to Motown and Rock, He will be co-hosting very soon! Gary likes to go camping with is wife.


Dave joined our team on the 4th Aril 2021, he has previous experience with the radio industry having worked in radio including hospital radio. He is a fan of the 60s through to the 00s. With a calm and caring voice, you will soon be settled in whilst listening to his shows!


Rob joined on the 22nd March 2021, He likes a varied selection of songs. He will be hosting a Sunday afternoon show. He is into sports cars and owns his very own track car! Honda Civic Type R


Matt (Macyagi) Joined to become a Soul & Funk show host on Sundays from 11am. He enjoys artwork and regularly draws.


Mick is the charities co-founder and he really enjoys his rock music. Mick will be occasionally be co-hosting with Gary. Without fail, Mick enjoys his hobby of fishing every Friday.

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